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Sea Shore

By Sea (full-length)

A group of working class women navigate gender norms and changing political tides during the reign of King Claudius of Denmark. Set against the events of Hamlet, sea captain Amanda seeks royal licensure for her ship, manages her teenage daughter's desire for social respectability, and tries to come to terms with her feelings for her first mate, Henrietta. The play reimagines Elsinore through the eyes of characters tangential to Shakespeare’s text, and explores the conflict between the laws of society and individual agency, particularly among low-income women and queer folk.

Developed through a Playwrights Fellowship with Cohesion Theatre.

Staged readings:

December 2019 (Avant Bard Theatre)

September 2019 (Cohesion Theatre)

Click here to read the script.

For licensing information, contact Laura.

Ides of May.jpg

The Ides of May (one-act, 20 minutes)

Beth loves wine, trivia night, and her husband, Teddy. Teddy loves Beth, his mom, and keeping the peace. Teddy’s mom loves babies. As Mother’s Day dinner approaches, Beth weighs her feelings about having kids, with the help of a timely guest.

Commissioned by Interrobang Theatre as part of its 2017 Heavy Hors D'Oeuvres festival. World premiere: December 2017 in Baltimore, MD.

For more information and licensing, contact Laura.

Failed Olympians Club.jpg

The Failed Olympians Club (one-act, 45 minutes)

A support group of four young failed Olympic athletes (and one failed math Olympiad finalist) hatch a plot to steal five gold medals from a traveling exhibition. Things go awry when one of their former rivals interrupts the heist and proposes a rematch. The former Olympians struggle with questions of personal identity, community, and sense of purpose in the wake of their respective losses.

For more information and licensing, contact Laura.

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